GreenGo completes a fundraising of €1.2 million with business angels

In fact, one of GreenGo’s priorities, widely displayed in its speech, is toexpand the range of “responsible” accommodation available for booking.

If the platform has power compete against the heavyweights Booking, Expedia or even Airbnbit must cover the whole of France even more widely.

But that won’t be enough, Guillaume analyzes realistically. ” We must bring something else by working on innovation, towardsa public that is increasingly asking to limit the carbon footprint of its travels “.

Guillaume Jouffre had already revealed his lines of work in the direction of transport companies, including the SNCF, to be able to measure the footprint of a trip from destination to destination. The next step would be to offering low-carbon packages.

The second step is to work with destinations to promote and distribute their responsible offers, in particular all the activities offered around the accommodation.

The approach is more “inspirational”, finding the right speech, developing attractive and informative content, even restoring the search engine that can link customers and provide them.

In short, half a word, the co-founder takes up this concept of an ecological marketplace where you can completely prepare your holidays, where to go, how to get there, where to sleep and what to do there, when you are used by the drop in its environmental impact.

But for that you need resources and more resources.


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