Green finance: the French SRI label in 8 questions

In its article 2, the Paris Climate Agreement voted at the end of 2015 during the COP 21 had not failed to make finance responsible on the issue of climate change: “Financial flows must become compatible with an evolution profile towards development that is low in greenhouse gas emissions and resilient to climate change. ยป

It is in this context that the French SRI label was born under the leadership of the then socialist government. Its philosophy is simple: to certify and invest more visibly in virtuous companies in environmental and social matters. An approach based on exemplarity and supposed to encourage financiers to improve on this point. Six years after its creation, the SRI label has played the critics, but it still remains a spearhead of sustainable finance with 1,047 SRI funds for 646 billion euros in assets. How was it created? How does it work ? We take stock in eight questions.

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