Google would put the package on the bracelets of its connected watch

According to information from “9to5Google”, Google was preparing a total of seven bracelets for its future connected watch Pixel Watch. All with various and varied materials to please the greatest number.

Pixel Watch, Google’s first connected watch // Source: Source: Google

Introduced on the occasion of Google I/O 2022 on May 11, where at the time we discovered its design and some features, the Pixel Watch will still have to wait a few months before definitively pointing the end of its nose. In the fall more precisely, at the same time as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Until then, leaks and other indiscretions will continue to fuel media attention around the connected watch. New, it was the turn of 9to5Google to add its small grain of salt by publishing information on the ecosystem of accessories of the Pixel Watch. The article focuses particularly on the bracelets that will accompany its release.

seven bangles

According to the elements of the American media, Google would prepare a total of seven bracelets, which would leave a fairly wide choice for users to personalize their connected tocante. A bit like Apple, which likes to be generous with the number of bracelets available for its Apple Watch.


More concretely, the Mountain View company would mainly rely on proprietary and non-universal bracelets. To give a little visual freshness to your Pixel Watch, you will therefore have to go through the store and the catalog of the Californian giant.

Similarities with Apple

At the time of delivery, the bracelet supplied by default would be made of soft silicone, which we had already seen in several colors during the Google I/O. The others would be sold separately. In particular, it would be a question of a mesh type bracelet, in stainless steel. Like the Milanese Loop from the apple firm.

The Pixel Watch would also be entitled to a link bracelet made of metal, which could cost more than its counterparts. Leather would also be included, for at least two bracelets: one with a lighter shade, the other with a darker shade. The entry-level launched its evolution on stretch-type fabric, known for its stretchy and flexible aspect.

The Pixel Watch would require a dedicated app to work

Pioneers before the Eternal, 9to5Google journalists decompiled the next version of Google Play Services, which mentioned a certain “Google Pixel Watch application”.
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