Google warns us that its new connected glasses will leak

Google is relaunching its augmented reality glasses project with a full-scale prototype test phase.

Source: Google

Augmented reality is on everyone’s lips when it comes to rumors about Apple and Meta, but the two players aren’t the only ones interested in this market. Far from rumors, it is through a very official article on its site that Google says more about its project to return to augmented reality. The firm had already mentioned it at its Google I/O conference where it unveiled many products. She is now ready for the next step.

The new Google Glass is coming in August

After long laboratory tests, Google would like to confront its augmented reality glasses with reality. The firm will therefore begin a test phase from August “in the real world”. Residents of Mountain View may come across glasses wearers on the street. In other words, it is very likely that we will quickly discover all the secrets of these new glasses.

Obviously, this will initially be a small-scale test with just a few dozen Google employees. Like Google Glass, these glasses integrate cameras, microphones and screens.

Do not repeat the Google Glass scandals

However, to avoid relaunching the scandals that had attached Google Glass, the firm warns immediately: it will be impossible to photograph or film with the cameras. They will therefore be there to allow the glasses to be identified or to help the user. They could, for example, translate the menu of a restaurant in real time.

The firm repeatedly stresses the importance of respecting the privacy of testers and their relatives. We sent that the lesson was learned, even if 10 years after Google Glass, this seems to be less of an issue for our society which welcomed Snapchat Spectacles.

See you in August to learn more about these new kinds of Google Glass. Note that Google has not currently given a name to these new glasses.

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