Google settles sex discrimination class action lawsuit

The American giant agreed to pay 118 million dollars to former employees who were paid less than their male counterparts. This should put an end to the legal proceedings.

Officially, Google did not break the law and has nothing to reproach itself for. Unofficially, he will pay 118 million dollars to put an end to a collective complaint accusing him of discriminatory practices against his female employees. The procedure began in 2017 and therefore ends amicably after five years. It must be said that at the end of last month, a California Superior Court judge issued an order in favor of the class action. Google is rebuilding itself forced to fend for itself.

15,550 former employees concerned

The law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein and Altshuler Berzon concerns the 15,550 former employees concerned. He discusses this case at length on his blog. For him, it is not a question of isolated situations but of “systemic practices”. Gender discrimination has reportedly permeated the entire company since at least 2013. Not only was Google paying women less than men for equal work. But in addition, women had access to the lowest positions based on a lower salary in a previous job. This mainly concerned software engineers. This was all against California law.

The sums listed will of course be used to repair the damage suffered by the said persons. But there is also talk of hiring third-party and independent experts who will come and assess Google’s internal practices and oversee its efforts and “sincerity” over the next three years, says the law firm. The Court has yet to see this preliminary agreement. The hearing is set for June 21.

Last May, when approving the complaint, the law firm made this statement which was not lacking in irony. “This order shows that it would be better for companies to inhibit the fair payment of women than to spend the money fighting them in litigation”.

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The law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein and Altshuler Berzon.

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