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Did you know that Google has launched no less than 16 major updates to its relevance algorithm since January 2020? An official document, proposed by the Mountain View firm, the list to check if your site has been impacted by one of them…

Three or four times a year, Google has implemented a “core update” or major update of the heart of its algorithm or quite simply updates fighting against spam or taking into account certain points and criteria of relevance such as page load times last year, etc. During these updates, it is possible that certain sites (often sites having flirted with black hat methods, but not only) lose positions and therefore traffic on certain requests. By communicating vessel, other sites gain positions and traffic, of course.

To find out if your site has been impacted, negatively or positively, by these updates, you just need to know their date and look at your positioning and traffic curves: if, over this period, you see variations, it may be ( but it is not certain, because the causes can be numerous) that the update in question has impacted your site.

It is therefore necessary to know the official dates of these updates and for this, Google has just published a list of these updates since January 2020.

No less than 16 updates have therefore been implemented over two and a half years.

Also, don’t forget some essential reading about these updates:

Google’s algorithm updates between 2020 and 2022. Source: Google

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