Google proves its “good faith” to the Competition Authority

The American giant has promised to provide the recovery of content from publishers and news agencies in a more fair and transparent way. The objective is of course to better remunerate them.

This may be the end of a battle that has been going on for three years. After several months of negotiations, the Autorité de la concurrence considers that Google is finally presenting acceptable commitments to negotiate the remuneration of neighboring rights with publishers and press agencies. The challenge is to better share the value of their content included in its services such as Google Search, Google News or Discover.

Google will pay its fine

The American giant was previously accused of not discussing “sincerity” with his interlocutors. He had forced them to choose between two situations described: accept free operating licenses or no longer display their publications, which thus deprived them of a considerable audience. An abuse of a dominant position for the Authority which had sanctioned Google with a fine of 500 million euros in July 2021. The American giant has agreed to abandon its appeal against this decision which therefore becomes final.

Finally fair conditions

Google has largely revised its copy. It now promises to be integrated with all players, including agencies whose content is in third-party media. It will also communicate transparently on the audience for protected content on its services, as well as on Google’s revenues in France, whether direct or linked to online advertising.

To avoid any pressure, the indexing, classification or presentation of the contents will not be affected during the discussions. Google agrees to make a financial proposal after three months. He finally agrees to pay an arbitration tribunal in the event that an agreement cannot be reached. And an agent will oversee the implementation of all these commitments.

As a reminder, the legal framework changed in 2019 with the recognition of related rights at European level and its transcription into French law the same year. Publishers and news agencies can now refuse or accept the reproduction of their publications by digital platforms.

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