Google is having fun with a decision by Apple on its Twitter account!

Google posted a 38-second video on his Twitter account pointing Apple on point ! The technology services company criticizes him for not wanting to insert his email RCS. The latter indeed offers equality between all smartphone users in terms of their exchanges by messages. Google therefore decides to make fun of this situation by relying on The texts turn greenone of Drake’s last songs.

The RCS: an alternative refused by Apple since 2013

For almost 10 years, there has been talk of returning to Apple the importance of similar messaging for everyone. the RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a messaging service that promotes the transfer of multimedia content. It can also allow all smartphone users to be equal in terms of exchanging data through messages. This can therefore facilitate relations between Android customers and Apple customers.

Already in 2013, Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Services and Software at Apple, tries to prove this idea right with Craig Federighi. But the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple refuses this hypothesis. This is, according to him, a bad idea for the multinational company. Still today, Google try to value this solution. iMessage, however, remains untouchable. Apple intends to stay on its positions for the moment. This situation displeases the technology services company which remains in the misunderstanding and which then decides to be part of it on its Twitter account.

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A tweet that says a lot

On June 19, Google posts a 38-second video on his twitter account. The latter depicts some tensions between the two brands. The Android team explains the limits that an Apple user encounters when exchanging by SMS with someone who does not have a device of the same brand as him. However, it is the humor that takes place in this duel.

Google decides to rely on one of Drake’s latest songs: The texts turn green. And for good reason ! This music refers to all the different types of messages that can emanate during a conversation made from an iPhone. It is thus a question of making fun of the green texts which are displayed during a classic conversation. And also blue texts that refer to iMessages.

Conversations are therefore limited between devices android and Apple. Especially since the RCS could have made it possible to stop these differences. It could have allowed the use of the same messaging system for all smartphone users. Anyway, things are clear on the side of Apple.

It is therefore possible to say that The texts turn green in the right moment !

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