Good Fortuneo plan: Win €150 exclusively and a free Gold card for a limited time at the famous online bank!

Fortuneo is offering a special bonus of 150 euros to new customers who open a bank account using the code “FTNJUIN” until June 29, 2022. This bonus includes:

70 euros for the first opening of a Fortuneo account, provided you make at least 5 payments with Gold Mastercard or Fosfo cards before September 4, 2022. Additional 80 euros if the card is a free Gold Mastercard.

Fortuneo, the Crédit Mutuel Arkea group’s online bank, has made “I Love My Bank” its slogan. It offers an online current account with a Mastercard bank card. This card allows international payments and withdrawals free of charge.
Fortuneo’s flagship product, which is similar to most French online banks, offers a bank account with an IBAN in France and a free card. This card can be one of the 4 Mastercard cards. The eligibility and access conditions are different depending on the card chosen.

Current operations are free. These are account maintenance, transfers and ATM withdrawals. Check deposits, check deposits and foreign currency payments. With the exception of the Mastercard classic, these operations are free. For irregular transactions, there is no intervention fee.

Fortuneo also offers other services such as:

  • Free and unlimited instant transfers or “Instant payment”
  • The creation of virtual cards for secure online payment
  • Mobile payment via Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Fitbit Pay;
  • Recipients of your choice can receive a free online check.
  • Insurance against theft or loss of means of payment, free (for Fortuneo cards only) or 18 euros per year (in full version), if first cardholder.
  • You can increase your credit card limit at any time using the app or online.

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