“Gold Digger”: a British mini-series between psychological thriller and family drama

Ben Barnes and Julia Ormond shine in this audacious thriller about betrayal, the complexity of human relationships and constant doubt… Gold digger is available until August 23, 2022 in a multilingual version on Auvio.

What is this British mini-series about?

Mother first, then wife, and finally woman, Julia, 60, has put the needs of others before her own throughout her life. When she meets Benjamin, a writer in his thirties with an enigmatic charm, she lets herself dream of a new happiness. But in doing so, she unleashes hostility from her loved ones and awakens secrets from the past that will have devastating effects on both sides. And let an omnipresent doubt arise: is this love really possible? Or does young Benjamin only want Julia’s money, as his family thinks?

Written by Marnie Dickens (Thirteen), the mini-series asks very topical questions about the vision of female sexuality, and more broadly about the condition of women, in today’s society. Can this young man really be in love with a 60-year-old woman, without a second thought? With this question that flies over the whole series, the screenwriter questions the viewer, instills permanent doubt and creates a daring thriller.

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