Global BBA at emlyon business school: the Lyon-Écully campus hosts the post-baccalaureate program and its license degree renewed for 4 years

emlyon business school’s Global BBA, a graduate degree in international management, is moving to the Lyon-Ecully campus after receiving a favorable opinion for its extension request from the CEFGD (Commission d Evaluation of Diplomas and Management Training). The state-controlled bachelor’s degree is also renewed for 4 years.

The Global BBA program on the Lyon-Ecully campus

The opening of the Global BBA program in Lyon

emlyon business school will host on the Lyon-Écully campus its first promotion of bachelors and bachelors in September 2022 for the Global BBA.

The 4-year program is optionally 100% English speaking or bilingual. Students in the bilingual course begin the program in Saint-Etienne, while the English course is offered on the Lyon-Ecully campus.

The choice of the city of Lyon for the Global BBA is an asset for students. They evolve within a dynamic city and acquire essential skills for their professional future.

emlyon promotes synergy between student promotions. The Saint-Etienne and Lyon-Ecully campuses take part in joint educational activities. The dynamic and dense associative life extends to the whole of the territory of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Students thus have many opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills and explore their areas of interest.

Unavoidable, mobility in France and abroad is at the heart of the Global BBA. Students discover the multiple campuses emlyon business school (Lyon-Ecully, Saint-Etienne, Shanghai, Paris, Casablanca, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai) and can go to nearly a hundred partner universities around the world.

In order to best prepare for their professional integration, Global BBA students also have the opportunity to complete their fourth year in learning on the Lyon-Ecully, Saint-Etienne or Paris campuses.

The renewal of the degree of license for 4 years

The Global BBA ofemlyon business school awarded after 4 years of study diploma conferring the degree of license and controlled by the state. Students can then continue their studies in Master or start their professional life.

The degree of license is awarded by a commission with demanding quality criteria. Of the 23 Bachelors in management sciences presented this year, 6 obtained the renewal of their degree for a period of 4 years, and the Global BBA is one of them. The criteria for awarding the license grade are:

  • The importance of research : students participate in a field survey from the first year of training and are trained in particular in the challenges of the organization;
  • Strong international immersion : the emlyon network makes it possible to study on its campus or abroad at a partner university, for a period of 6 months to 3 years;
  • A proactive pedagogy : students perfected their skills and know-how with companies from various sectors of activity thanks to field experiences and entrepreneurial projects;
  • Training in social and environmental issues : students get involved in responsible projects and through the associative life of the program.

For Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous, Dean of programs at emlyon business school:

“Through this license grade renewal, the CEFDG recognizes the academic excellence of emlyon and its Global BBA. Congratulations to the educational teams who strive to deliver a high quality educational experience to students on a daily basis. We also welcome future Bachelor promotions to the Lyon-Écully campus, which we are impatiently awaiting in September 2022.”

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