Ghana: Eleven Wonders wants to replace Ashanti Gold in the Premier League

Accused of having taken part in a fixed match in the league during the 2020-2021 season, Ashanti Gold is demoted to the second division for the next 2022-2023 financial year. To replace him in the Premier League, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) decided on a play-off tournament between three Division One League teams.

Which does not agree with Eleven Wonders who demand that justice be done.

The latest disciplinary decision from the GFA is causing dissatisfaction. Both charged with having played a fixed match, Ashanti Gold and Inter Allies FC are respectively demoted to the second and third division of the Ghanaian championship. Despite their disagreement with this situation, the two clubs will have to undergo this sanction. On the other hand, the GFA decided to organize play-off tournaments for each of the two leagues concerned in order to replace the fallen teams.

At the level of the Ghanaian Premier League, Eleven Wonders claims a place of office. Indeed, the Techiman club finished 16th in the championship the previous season and was relegated to Division One League as the first relegation. But since Ashanti Gold will be demoted, he thinks he can directly earn the vacant spot. On Happy FM radio, one of Eleven Wonders’ administrative officials made this clear, although the club has already sent correspondence to the GFA.

“We deserve to replace Ashanti Gold SC in the league. Football is governed by rules and regulations. If you look at the 2019 Premier League regulations which govern the game, it says that after the season three Division One League teams are demoted and promoted in the league, namely Samatex FC, Kotoku Royals and Nsoatreman FC . So on what law does it state that second-ranked Division 1 teams must come and play and be promoted. It’s not in the law. In the Premier League, it is also stated that three teams will also be relegated during the season. The law states that three teams will be relegated, so if Ashanti Gold has been demoted, that makes it three teams. We have precedent in this case. So if Ashanti Gold SC got demoted, they will be bottom of the table which means Eleven Wonders will end up in 15th position,” said Ali Mohammed, one of Techiman’s club administrative officers.

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