George Ezra Comes to ‘Roblox’ for ‘Immersive’ ‘Gold Rush Kid’ Performance

George Ezra has announced a new “immersive album-themed” event in Roblox for his latest album “Gold Rush Kid”.

The Roblox-The launch-based experience premieres today, with performances scheduled from 5:00 p.m. BST this Friday (July 29). Ezra will perform a recurring setlist of “Gold Rush Kid” songs that will repeat every hour until August 1 at 7 a.m.

Called the ‘Gold Rush Kid Experience’, the event will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s creativity and inspiration, with a number of curated environments that adapt and react in real time to the musical.

A trailer for “Gold Rush Kid Experience” can be seen below:

“I can’t wait for everyone to explore the incredible experience we’ve created around ‘Gold Rush Kid’ and to see the album take on exciting new forms,” ​​Ezra said of the experience. “I’ve played some amazing venues over the past few years, but this is going to be completely unique and really special. We’ll see each other there ! »

The Roblox world will act as a “contextscape” for Ezra’s new album, with collectible puzzle pieces on offer and a snowy mountain to explore as well. A plane will also fly players to points of interest on the map, and there’s a photo booth that also allows players to take photos with Ezra’s in-game avatar.

The “Gold Rush Kid” experience. 1 credit

UN Roblox ‘obby’ (obstacle course) will also be part of the experience, and the Roblox game RoBeats will ‘offer personalized beat-based activities for five of George Ezra’s hits, past and present’ for one week, starting at today (July 27).

In other news, a trailer for end to end – a documentary following Ezra’s 1,200 mile walk across the UK – has been released.

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