GARD RHODANIEN Business sur Cèze, a new “business and sharing” network

The Business sur Cèze association claims 17 members (Photo: Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

Launched last September, the Business sur Cèze association is a continuation of the local BNI (International Business Network).

It brings together business leaders, liberal professions and the self-employed. “A number of us have been part of the BNI and we wanted to create an association in the Rhone Gard to allow business leaders to meet and have a place to discuss every week, in the same logic as the BNI », presents Aurélien Dumont, wealth management consultant in Laudun-l’Ardoise, at the head of this new association.

The idea is to mount “a business and sharing network”, he continues, without forgetting the conviviality. The association has 17 members, “with one representative per job to have this diversity”, he continues. Meetings are held early Wednesday mornings, at 7 a.m., in a unique location, the Nolita restaurant in Bagnols. A principle modeled on that of the BNI. “We have kept the fundamentals of the BNI which work, but with a little flexibility”, says Aurélien Dumont. “More flexibility and user-friendliness”, adds Denis Fercoq, manager of Nolita and the neighboring Ballon Rouge winery. Another difference: the amount of contributions, 300 euros per year for 47 meetings, a much lower amount than in a BNI, which opens the association to new entrepreneurs.

The goal remains to make business through recommendations. “On the BNI, in 5 and a half years we have generated 3.8 million euros in more business”, advances Aurélien Dumont. Since its creation in September, Business en Cèze has already claimed 130,000. And beyond, “I felt this human warmth here”, underlines Catherine Rouxel, who created her communication agency a short time ago and who signs the association’s logo. “There is a team spirit, a conviviality”, notes for her part the sophrologist Hilde Loulier.

Romain Pailhon, Peugeot dealer in Bagnols, appreciates “qualified and serious contacts” brought to him by this new network. An already diverse network, with many professions represented: secretary, broker, interior designer, plumber, painter, electrician, project management consultant or even a lawyer.

The association does not impose a limit on the number of members, but intends to keep its characteristic of a different profession per member exercising in the geographical sector of Gard Rhône. It is part of an economic landscape already well meshed by the associations, but sees itself as “complementary to other existing structures”, notes Aurélien Dumont.

Applicants, who are invited to come to Nolita on Wednesdays between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., are then co-opted by the members of the association, “and if a member objects, the candidate is not retained”, says Aurélien Dumont. History of, he repeats, staying in “this logic of trust. »

Thierry ALLARD

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