GARD Air pollution by ozone, the department placed on alert

The Gard Prefecture has placed the department on alert (photo Norman Jardin)

Favored by current weather conditions, an episode of atmospheric ozone pollution triggers the Atmo Occitanie information and recommendation procedure.

Due to the persistence of this pollution this Saturday and the placement of the Gard on “alert”, Marie-Fran├žoise Lecaillon, prefect of the Gard, decides on the application of the measures below, applicable this June 18, 2022, from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.:

Travel Recommendations

You are asked to limit your trips by:

  • declaring these
  • in case of impossibility of report:
  • choose a soft mode of transport
  • preferably use public transport networks or favor the practice of carpooling
  • reduce your speed by 30 km/h on all traffic lanes, within the limit of 70 km/h

Health recommendations for the population

What must we do ?

  • avoid intensive sports activities;
  • limiting exposure to irritating products (tobacco, solvents, paints, etc.);
  • Strictly follow the medical treatments and in case of severe respiratory discomfort, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Who is concerned in priority?

The recommendations apply to the entire population and, as a priority, to children under 12 years old, to people over 65 years old, to asthmatic or allergic people, to respiratory or allergic or cardiac insufficiency.

Recommendations intended for certain manufacturers

It is recommended to reduce pollutant emissions in accordance with the specific prefectural orders concerning them.

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