Games with Gold: The first games of August have arrived

Even if they are far from unanimous, the new Games with Gold have arrived. It must be said that on the Xbox 360 side, the game offered is called Saints Row 2. So yes, the title developed at Volition is good and has the merit of accompanying the reboot of the franchise which will arrive at the end of the month, but this one had already been offered in 2020. A rather abnormal redundancy which echoes the scheduled shutdown of the program for Xbox 360 games. As a reminder, Microsoft will stop offering games from the catalog of its second machine in October next.

Unfortunately, it’s not the Xbox One game that avoids total disappointment around this selection. Because despite an original principle that asks you to rebuild a village of magical girls who love cat bars, the game has above all managed to drop below 60% in Metacritic score. Note that Relicta, a puzzle-game in the vein of Portal and The Talos Principle, remains free to download until mid-August.

  • Calico – August 1-31
  • Relicta – until August 15
  • Saints Row 2 – August 1-15

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