Frétillons for The Gold, the series on “the crime of the century” which brings together two actors from Downton Abbey

Commissioned by the BBC, a series on the theft of Brink’s-Mat should soon see the light of day, with a cast that could not be more perfect.

This is what the English call “the crime of the century”.

In 1983, six armed men managed to break into the Brink’s-Mat security deposit and stumbled across a nice loot of gold bars and a stash of diamonds, all in one worth over £26 million.

What could have been a criminal heist turned into one of the most significant events in British history and continues to fascinate people, years later.

The gold, the case of Brink’s-Mat with its perfect casting

For the first time, the BBC seizes the subject and will treat it in its entirety, in a series made up of six episodes.

Written by Neil Forsyth and directed by Aneil Karia, this dramatic and compelling story will star a 5-star cast. Between Hugh Bonneville and Tom Cullen of The abbey in the town centerJack Lowden that we could see in the awesome movie Mary Queen of Scotts or even Dominic Cooper of the preacherthe excitement is already palpable.

Hugh Bonneville in Downton Abbey

BBC Editor Tommy Bulfin said:

The fact that we have assembled such a talented and passionate ensemble cast is a testament to Neil’s incisive questioning of one of the most infamous robberies in British history and the remarkable events that unfolded in its wake.

Piers Wenger, director of BBC Drama adds:

“This is much more than the story of an armed robbery. Brink’s-Mat produced one of the most shocking, influential and mysterious cases in British criminal history. »

While waiting for this new series to be available, and if you are missing the actors present in this fabulous cast, you will discover Hugh Bonneville and Tom Cullen at the cinema on April 27 for the film Downton Abbey: A New Era.

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