France upside down against Crypto and Bitcoin (BTC)

A recent analysis of requests sent by Internet users in France on Google revealed an imbalance in the mention of bitcoin and crypto. Indeed, it seems that the French prefer to search for the keyword crypto than the keyword bitcoin. But, it is the opposite everywhere else in the world.

The French are not Bitcoin maximalists!

On July 24, the Jean Christophe account made a twitter post stating: “After the Minitel instead of the Internet, France is no exception in favoring Crypto instead of Bitcoin.“. The statement is made following an analysis of the number of queries sent by Internet users on Google with the keywords crypto and bitcoin.

It turns out that around the world, the keyword bitcoin is more searched than crypto. However, most French people search for the keyword crypto more than the keyword bitcoin. France is therefore out of balance with the whole world on the mention bitcoin and crypto.

It is true that everywhere else in the world, bitcoin (BTC) is considered the quintessential cryptocurrency, not to mention that it is the largest crypto by market capitalization. This could explain why Internet users use the keyword bitcoin more.

Recall that there is a group of people called Bitcoin maximalists for whom any cryptocurrency outside of bitcoin is a poor imitation of it. That said, recent data might suggest that there are fewer maximalists in France than elsewhere.

The imbalance in France on the mention of bitcoin and crypto suggests that the French integrate bitcoin (BTC) as one digital asset among many others (more than 19,000). Still, it is the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. And in the rest of the world, bitcoin is considered a benchmark in the crypto industry.

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