Fortuneo: Get €80 free and the free Gold Mastercard

From April 29 to June 28, 2022, benefit from your free Gold Mastercard card from one payment per month and a bonus of €80 for the first opening of a bank account with a Gold CB Mastercard card, under conditions (1 ).

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Open your checking account online with Fortuneo

Need to open an account in an online bank? Fortuneo offers you the opening of your bank account, and a choice of 3 cards from its Mastercard range. Eligibility for the cards may be subject to income conditions, just like their being free (1).

At Fortuneo, day-to-day operations, such as account management, transfers and direct debits, or even withdrawals, are free (4). She was, moreover, elected “best bank 2022” by Pricebank*, and offers an excellent user experience, in particular thanks to its many services (4):

  • Instant transfers are free and unlimited
  • The possibility of creating a virtual card for free for secure online payments
  • Compatibility with mobile payment
  • Increase in credit card limits online or on the Fortuneo Banque mobile application (subject to acceptance)
  • Adding external accounts in the application
  • Insurance and assistance guarantees for everyday life, leisure and travel, depending on the card

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The range of Mastercard Fortuneo cards

Fortuneo offers various free bank cards (under conditions) when opening an online account (1). Each of them can be subscribed for a joint account. In this case, the granting conditions are higher.

  • Fosfo Mastercard

Simple and innovative, the Fosfo Mastercard is accessible without conditions of income or savings. This immediate debit card is free, provided you make one card payment transaction per month. Otherwise, €3/month is charged. Its other advantage is that it does not apply any fees on payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world (2). Finally, the Fosfo card offers insurance and assistance guarantees for your daily life.

Fortuneo also offers the Gold Mastercard, a high-end card with immediate or deferred debit. To be eligible, you must have €1,800 of net monthly income before tax, or €10,000 of savings for an individual account if you are already a customer. Fortuneo also asks for €1,500 in monthly net income for deferred debit. When opening a joint account, it is necessary to have €2,700 in net monthly income, or €10,000 in savings + €2,500 in monthly income (if you are already a customer). At the stage of the previous one, the card is free subject to making one payment per month, otherwise it is billed at €9/month.

Finally, the Gold Mastercard offers significant payment and withdrawal limits for your daily life, travel and leisure, as well as enhanced insurance and assistance guarantees.

At this time, and until June 28, for the opening of a Fortuneo account with a Gold Mastercard card, followed by 5 payments made using the card subscribed before September 11, 2022, benefit from 80 € bonus offered with code FTN0522 (3).

  • The World Elite Mastercard

This is the online banking prestige card. Fortuneo is the only bank to have made it free, subject to a monthly deposit of €4,000 in the bank account, and per World Elite card held. Failing this, the card is billed at €50 per quarter. It offers many advantages, such as optimal insurance and assistance guarantees, adapted to all situations, a 24-hour concierge service, exceptional services and privileged offers in France and abroad with Mastercard.

Take advantage of promotional offers for opening your online account

It’s time to take advantage of the competitive rates offered by Fortuneo. From April 29 to June 28, 2022, Fortuneo offers you 80 € for opening your first bank account individually or jointly with Gold CB Mastercard (3). To benefit from it, you will have to make 5 payments using the card taken out before September 11, 2022.

To do this, enter the operation code FTN0522 and return the complete opening application file no later than July 5, 2022, electronically or by post. You will receive your €80 bonus in the bank account associated with the card no later than October 14, 2022, subject to having made the 5 payments before September 11 (3).

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Legal Notice :

*Source: Price Bank

(1) Supply of a debit card (international payment card with immediate debit: Fosfo Mastercard, Gold CB Mastercard or World Elite CB Mastercard). Gold CB Mastercard or World Elite CB Mastercard cards are also available with deferred debit. Issuance of the card is subject to acceptance of the application by Fortuneo and subject to fulfilling the granting conditions in force. Free subject to fulfilling the conditions of use specified in the tariff conditions in force. In the absence of one payment transaction by card (excluding withdrawal from an ATM or ATM) per month (for CB Mastercard, FOSFO Mastercard and Gold CB Mastercard) or non-compliance with the monthly flow condition (for the CB World Elite Mastercard), fees will be applied (see Rates). Fortuneo reserves the right to modify the pricing conditions applicable to the card. The change of bank card range/debit is subject to the conditions assumed in the tariff conditions in force.

(2) Excluding any costs levied by the establishment that owns the distributor.

(3) 80 euros offered for the first opening of an individual or joint bank account with a Gold CB Mastercard bank card or, for Fortuneo customers with an individual or joint bank account that has never been associated with a bank card, first subscription to a Gold CB Mastercard bank card made between 29.04.2022 and 28.06.2022 (the opening request file with operation code “FTN0522” must be complete and received by 05.07.2022 at the latest electronically or by post to the following address: Fortuneo Customer Service Free response 26 157 29 809 Br est CEDEX 09, the date of receipt of the complete file being taken as proof).

The bonus will be remitted to the bank account associated with the card no later than 14.10.2022, subject to acceptance of the application file for opening a bank account and the card by Fortuneo and to having completed 5 payments by means of the bank card taken out as part of the offer before 11.09.2022.

In the case of a first opening of a joint bank account with two bank cards, at least one of which is a Gold CB Mastercard and subject to meeting the conditions of the offer, a single bonus of €80 will be awarded on the joint account associated with this promotional offer and the 5 required payments must be made using the two bank cards taken out as part of the offer (except for customers holding an individual Fortuneo account).

Offer cannot be combined with a current sponsorship offer or any offer linked to a bank account or any other bank card marketed by Fortuneo. The bank account opened and the card taken out with Fortuneo as part of the offer must be kept for at least one year. Failing this, Fortuneo, even if the latter is at the initiative of closing the account and the card, reserves the right to deduct the amount corresponding to the premium paid on said account. Offer reserved for adult individuals, acting exclusively for their non-professional needs, excluding Fortuneo employees.

(4) Pricing in effect on 06/15/2022, subject to change.


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