For the creator of Ethereum, the metaverse way Meta will not lead to anything

Does the metaverse have a future? Some are convinced of this, many doubt it, but for Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, private initiatives like those of Meta are doomed to failure.

The Metaverse is seen by Meta and a few other companies as a fabulous virtual universe that will enhance and enrich reality. But the skeptics felt on the contrary that it is an idea without a future, born in the fever of cryptocurrencies and web3. Vitalik Buterin opposes another conception of the metaverse that bridges these two feelings.

Unnecessarily spent billions?

According to the creator of Ethereum, the metaverse will indeed arrive, but perhaps not in the form currently developed by Meta. ” I don’t think current corporate attempts to intentionally create the metaverse are going to lead to anything. “, he wrote in a tweet. As a promoter of his cryptocurrency, an asset far from the centralization of a company, we understand Buterin’s position.

But beyond defending his own interests, Vitalik Buterin could well be right. The creation of the Internet was organic, the network was not invented by a company but by a multitude of individuals, scientists, academics and technicians before becoming what we know today.

If the metaverse is going to exist, it could come from a similar process of development and iteration. Meta would have its place there, but Facebook’s parent company cannot claim to set up such a universe on its own. Moreover, the definition of what the metaverse is and what we can do there remains very vague. Meta’s vision is ultimately quite conservative: it’s neither more nor less than the web with a little augmented reality. Does this justify the billions of dollars the company is sinking into this project?

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