for the boss of Corsair, France “has better anticipated” the resumption of traffic

On BFM Business, the manager of the company nevertheless invites travelers to show up at airports “well in advance”.

The chaos observed in many European airports, fueled by the strong recovery in traffic and staff shortages, will it occur in France for the next summer holidays?

Guest of BFM Business, Pascal de Izaguirre, CEO of Corsair, wants to be reassuring. “In France, we can hope that the situation (is) better under control. All the airlines have anticipated. It must be said that the partial activity systems have helped us a lot. We have been able to keep our workforce”, explains- it on the set of Good Morning Business this Wednesday.

Nevertheless, French airports have lost many employees, particularly in security, and recruitment is difficult and time-consuming. “The problem is when you have left staff, you have to find them on the market with a subject on the attractiveness of certain jobs and you have to obtain all the administrative clearances. All of this can be very long” underlines the responsible.

“Show up well in advance”

Added to this is “the perpetual problem of the border police, the insufficient number of border police and the fact that the automated system like Paraphe is not running at full speed”.

As a result, if chaos is not to be expected, waiting times will be longer for boarding. “I’m afraid, that’s why we are going to advise our customers to show up much longer in advance to have time to go through all the filters and bottlenecks”, insists Pascal de Izaguirre who nevertheless believes “to be able to ensure its flight program”.

The situation could be worse for the low cost companies which seem to have prepared less well for the recovery (hence the numerous strikes in Europe). “I allow myself to say that there is a lack of anticipation. In the case of Corsair, we have recruited dozens of pilots in the last 18 months. This allows us to have the full potential of the workforce” , finish CEO.

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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