for Queen Elisabeth II, there is enough to make a big deal out of it

Will Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite cheese disappear from the Buckingham Palace table? The royal family has issued an ultimatum to its favorite dairy, Daily Crest, implicated in an environmental scandal, reports the British daily “The Guardian” this Wednesday, June 29. The certification given by British royalty to the company could be “revoked at any time”according to palace sources.

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Queen Elizabeth II has a whole host of favorite products: 800 labels are thus issued, guaranteeing a quality dish tasted by the royal family. But for the cheese made by Daily Crest, that golden certificate – in the form of a logo on the packaging – could well disappear. The company, now owned by the Canadian company Saputo, has just been fined 1.5 million pounds sterling by the British Environment Agency.

The sequel after the ad

An “egg smell”

It all started when residents of East Cornwall, where the Little Inny River flows, smelled a “egg smell” around the dairy operated by Daily Crest. One thing leading to another, the British discovered that the factory was dumping liquid waste, suspended solids and biocidal sludge into the water. A hundred fish including salmon and trout did not survive this industrial pollution.

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Since then, the services of the queen have been in talks with the creamery. The company must comply with the environmental standards in force in the country, otherwise its products will no longer be stamped. “Dairy Crest informed us of this issue some time ago and have kept us informed of their actions in response,” reports a Buckingham Palace spokesperson to the “Guardian”. A royal commitment mentioned by environmental activists in the country.

For its part, the dairy expressed “his sincere apologies to those affected”. ” Considerable work has been undertaken to rectify the historical issues to which the prosecution was linked”a Daily Crest assured in a statement.

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