Football business, World “Qatar 2022”: the sponsors are known

Published on 05.08.2022 at 09:24 by Emile Zola Ndé Tchoussi

The sponsors of the 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup 2022 have been revealed, and they are indicative of new economic trends.

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Let’s now see the main sponsors of the 2022 World Cup revealed by The year 2022 has some surprises in store that we will detail together.

This is not its first flirtation with sports for the American cryptocurrency buying and selling platform, as the brand has already given its name to a stadium in Los Angeles. The brand also has several contracts, notably with PSG and the Italian Premier League. To afford a platform in the biggest world competition, on the other hand, is a great first.


BYJU’s is an educational technology platform in India that brings together thousands of students for varied courses and highly diverse technique learning. Named sponsor of the World Cup in 2022, the brand has established itself as an actor that speaks to young professionals, its core target.


Budweiser has joined the list of sponsors of the Qatar World Cup, although obviously alcohol consumption is prohibited for foreigners on Qatari territory. For supporters, beer stalls near the stadiums will be the exception.

Qatar Energy

The natural gas supplier Qatar Energy joined the list of sponsors in March 2021, while all the stadiums welcoming the public (eight in all) were still under construction.


The high-tech brand Hisense is also a partner of this event. Hisense is generally very involved in football sponsorships with contracts in the Premier League in particular.


McDonalds is firmly deployed in Qatar with 23 brands spread over this territory as large as a French department. The fast-food brand is continuing a contract already signed in 2018 for the World Cup which took place in Russia.

Long live

Not to be confused with a cable TV provider in the United States, the Vivo brand has become one of China’s biggest phone makers. It currently ranks fifth in the world of phone designers with around 10% market share. In this flourishing context, the brand is associated with the football event to suppress its interest in sports and youth.

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