Foot touches may soon be experienced

A limited initiative on a certain part of the field?

This idea was defended in the team on October 3, 2020 by the Director of World Football Development, Arsène Wenger, who then explained: “ I would like to change the rule of the throw-in: five minutes from the end, the throw-in for you must be an advantage, but in fact you play nine outfield players against ten, and the statistics show that eight times out of ten you lose the ball. In your half of the field, you should therefore have the possibility of playing on foot “.

On this subject, the IFAB indicates in its press release: “The possibility of taking the throw-in with the foot is also the subject of debate. The annual general meeting wished to recall that any experimentation had to be subject to prior authorization and could only take place under the supervision of the IFAB and FIFA”. According to Guardianin particular, the Dutch second division is said to be ready to introduce kicks into matches on an experimental basis.


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