FIP Gold Perpignan – The results of the 2nd day!

The second day of the final draw of the FIP Gold Perpignan did not fail in its mission: to delight padel lovers.

Quick matches

The first three meetings of the day clearly announced the theme of the day: matches ending very quickly and which respected the logic: “favorites vs outsiders”. And that was the case all day. Indeed, out of nine matches, we were only entitled to one in three sets. This pretty much implicitly tells you the face of these encounters.

The highlight of the day: the abandonment of Leygue / Bergeron… which turned into a padel exhibition!

In view of the nine matches offered today, one particularly stood out: the clash between Bergeron / Leygue and Gil / Gaspar, which was particularly expected here in Perpignan. The public came in large numbers, the weather was good, everything was in place for us to attend an exceptional meeting. Unfortunately, the feelings of Thomas Leygue had decided otherwise, and despite attempts to return to the field, the match was beautiful and had to be interrupted by an abandonment of the 100% French pair.

But this rather emotional moment also called for another: Johan Bergeron and Franck Binisti decided to go to the track to have discussions with children and adults, to the delight of the large crowd.

All sheet music

  • Santana / Jofre against Vizcaino/Arquerons 6-2 6-2
  • Sola / Mazzeo vs. Montiel / Acosta 2-6 2-6
  • Perez / Iriart against Maluquer / Maniucov 6-3 6-1
  • Navarre/ Medina against Cotto / Di Bene 6-4 6-4
  • Vera / Garcia against Riba / Maqueda 6-0 6-2
  • Garcia / Suescun against Martinez / Jones 5-7 6-1 6-2
  • Ember / Zapata against Campana / Pellicer 6-0 6-0
  • Gil / Gaspar vs Bergeron / Leygue 5-2 Ab.
  • Ramirez / Vilarino against Gasca / Nieto 6-2 7-6

Passionate about football, I discovered padel in 2019. Since then, it’s been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.


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