Find your home insurance at the best price!

Home insurance: why compare?

Competition is tough for home insurance houses that have been on the rise for years. Each service provider has its own offer and its own price. In order to find cheap home insurance, tenants and landlords need to make better choices.

To do this, you have to go to the office of each of the mutuals to compare the offers. A process that could take a lot of time, but effectively makes it possible to make the comparison better. In order to avoid this loss of time and to facilitate the comparison, it is possible to use an online home insurance comparison tool.

The Insurance Comparator is one of the most popular comparative tools. These online devices are known for their efficiency and speed in displaying data.

Online comparators work by carrying out an insurance simulation based on information relating to a home. This makes it easy to find the guarantees that a landlord or tenant needs according to their budget. To do this, simply fill out a comparison form which is present on the comparison site. The information to be given may be the following:

  • the type of accommodation and its characteristics: house or apartment, number of rooms, surface area, etc.
  • the administrative situation of the person concerned: sex, profession, date of birth, etc.
  • its status: tenant, owner, occupant free of charge, etc.
  • the value of the goods to be covered.

This list is not exhaustive, as the information to be shared varies according to the online comparator. After completing the form, the owner of the accommodation or the tenant will instantly receive, by email or directly on the platform, the possible offers.

Is it compulsory to take out home insurance?

The law does not oblige owners to take out mutual insurance, whether or not they live in the accommodation. It is the opposite for tenants who must take out mutual insurance to protect themselves and their accommodation. This is also the case for roommates and co-owners.

Things to consider when finding the right home insurance

The choice of a formula adapted to your needs allows you to know if you can save money on home insurance or not. The best way to choose your home insurance is to do so based on your requirements. There are several details to analyze to find the right home insurance offer:

  • The guarantees that the insurer includes or not in its offer: fire, vandalism, theft, etc. are not always included in the contracts.
  • Deductibles: these represent the amount that the policyholder must pay in the event of a claim.
  • The exclusions of guarantees which include the particular cases for which the interested party will benefit neither from indemnity nor from coverage by the insurance that he has chosen.
  • The compensation ceilings which also show the quality of the chosen insurance and its guarantees. It is therefore preferable to choose the insurer that offers the highest ceilings.

Finding home insurance at the best price that perfectly matches your needs is not always easy. However, by defining your expectations beforehand and comparing the offers offered by each insurer, it becomes easier to make your choice.