Find a laudable business model

The business model have been challenged and are still being challenged due to new technologies, artificial intelligence and digital transformation on new business models. Thinking about the business model that will allow you to earn money should be one of the first thoughts when considering a concept.

Without a viable business model, there is no money. And without money, no successful business! It has the merit of being clear. Integrate your reflection on the business model to adopt from the very design of your product. The business model is not a side that we think of incidentally! Rest assured, if you forgot to think about your company’s business model, your potential investors will not fail to remind you!

Some examples of business models

Funding by advertising: This is the model used by free offers or most websites. A terribly effective model on the Internet…. If you have millions of visitors every day!

Freemium: Small mix between free and paid models. It consists of charging for part of the offer while leaving the other part available free of charge.

The model says of the hook: This is the model that makes the fortune of sellers of razors or printers, forced to stock up regularly to continue to use a basic product, often sold at a low price.

The subscription: We have heard a lot about this model this year with the massive arrival of boxes of all kinds on the market. This model offers a good recurrence of income and guarantees the stability of the company.

The localisation : Previously used in sectors such as real estate and automobiles, the rental system is now spreading to all areas.

Auctions : Dubbed by eBay, this business model has been making a strong comeback in recent years. A model which, well managed, can be very rental.

Membership: A system invented by Amazon to ensure, withdraw finances, promote its books on other sites. Affiliation allows bloggers to monetize their site.

The transaction : Perhaps the oldest business model. Consists of reselling with a margin products purchased from wholesalers. This is the model of mass distribution or e-commerce sites.

Disintermediation: This is typically the model of an Amazon. The system consists of bypassing the traditional distribution channel: wholesaler, retailer, customer.
Micro-payment: Business model popular with online video game sites in particular. It consists in being paid thanks to small expenses but carried out by the customer.

Pay-per-use or access: A growing business model. We can cite the example of a café in Russia which does not charge for its drinks, but which monetizes the time spent in the bar by its customers.
The associated revenue model: consists of offering a product but charging for the services that go with it, or vice versa.

Payment by result: The client only pays for what has actually been done by his service provider. This is the business model associated with cost per click, for example.

Voluntary payment: This is the big trend that is emerging. The customer pays only the price he considers to be the right one. We find this type of business model in restaurants, for example. And, contrary to what one might think, it is a model that can be very commendable!

Requirement : video on demand, taxi (on), meal on demand… and that in record time. Companies or people with goods or time provide their services to people without goods and time but with money.

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