Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: Universum’s next boxing fight is set

Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold try to bully each other

The Streamer’s next boxing match is in the starting blocks. This time around, Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold go head-to-head.

Hamburg – It seems the slap in the face from Oliver Pocher wasn’t enough for Fat Comedy, real name Omar. Indeed, the TikTok star is now a real boxing fight. Admittedly, he will not face the famous humorist, but his new opponent also promises an interesting match. Over the past few months, streamers have been hosting boxing matches, and Trymacs has also been seen in the ring before. In September, it will be the turn of Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold to enter the ring.

ingame.fr tells you all about the boxing fight between Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold.

Fat Comedy is a well-known figure on TikTok. Until recently there were 1.5 million followers following his funny videos. But after the Oliver Pocher slap scandal, his TikTok profile was blocked. Now, he can only reach his community via Instagram, where the influencer still has 318,000 followers. Fat Comedy is known in particular for having succeeded in losing 100 kilos in one year. For him, this change was only possible because he decided to stop focusing on acting. Fat Comedy is now focusing on his music career, he has already released his own songs like “Sugardaddy”.

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