Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: TikTok stars will be present at Universum’s next boxing fight

The next social media stars step into the boxing ring: Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold will be featured at Universum’s next boxing bout.

Hamburg – Apparently the lost slap to Oliver Pocher wasn’t enough for Fat Comedy, real name Omar. Indeed, the TikTok star is now a real boxing fight. Admittedly, he will not face the famous humorist, but his new opponent also promises an interesting match. Over the past few months, streamers have been hosting boxing matches, and Trymacs has also been seen in the ring before. In September, Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold will step into the ring. We let you know when and where you can follow the boxing event between the two heavyweights.

Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: date, tickets and streaming of the boxing event

When will the event take place: The boxing match between Fat Comedy and Bilal Gold will take place on September 10. The two TikTok stars will face off in a big Main Event. The fight will again be hosted by Universum Boxing. These have already published the first meeting of the two on YouTube, in which the influencers still seem a little reserved. We’ll see on September 10 if they are a bit more impactful in the ring. The required fight times have not yet been released.

Here’s how you can follow the fight: Universum Boxing has already revealed that it will be possible to watch the fight live at the gym and online. Ticket sales have not yet started. If you prefer to watch the fight from home anyway, you can do so very easily by following the Universum Boxing stream. Indeed, the whole evening will be broadcast live on YouTube. Fans were also able to stream Universum Boxing’s last big Fight Night.

  • Date : September 10, 2022
  • Venue : Universum Boxing Gym, Große Elbstraße 268, 22767 Hamburg
  • Flow : YouTube: Boxing Universe

It’s Fat Comedy: Fat Comedy is a well-known figure on TikTok. Until recently there were 1.5 million followers following his funny videos. But after the Oliver Pocher slap scandal, his TikTok profile was blocked. Now, he can only reach his community via Instagram, where the influencer still has 318,000 followers. Fat Comedy is known in particular for having succeeded in losing 100 kilos in one year. For him, this change was only possible because he decided to stop focusing on acting. Fat Comedy is now focusing on his music career, he has already released his own songs like “Sugardaddy”.

This is Bilal Gold: Fat Comedy’s opponent is Bilal Gold. Bilal is also known for his TikTok channel, where he has over 1.1 million followers. On TikTok, Bilal Gold often shows up with his young son and offers his followers private glimpses into his life. Earlier this year, Bilal even opened his own kebab shop in downtown Duisburg.

Fat Comedy vs Bilal Gold: Omar as challenger – This is why the fight is happening

This is why the fight takes place: As revealed in the face-to-face video between the two men, Fat Comedy challenged Bilal Gold on Instagram. The invitation to get in the ring together was created because Bilal Gold loudly announced, in the background of a phone conversation between Omar and a friend, that Fat Comedy had no chance against him. The social media star obviously couldn’t let it go and now wants to prove Bilal Gold wrong in the ring.

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