Family Business: what is Netflix’s new French comedy worth?

Gérard Darmon and Jonathan Cohen replay “Weeds”, for better and for worse.

After the end of Marseillesand a few months later Osmosis and Map Heart, Netflix draws this Friday in its fourth original French series. An unassuming family comedy titled family affairwhich notably bring together Gerard Darmon and jonathan cohen.

The story is that of Joseph, son of a Pied Noir butcher living in the heart of Paris, who wants to do everything not to take over his father’s business. Joseph is trying somehow to launch an app that is a hit. But after yet another failure, he discovers, by chance, that Cannabis is about to be legalized in France. The market promises to be daunting and first come, first served. With some friends, he will decide to secretly transform the family butcher’s shop, to make it the first “weed” shop in Paris. But how to convince dad? And where to get supplies?

Humor is the least shared thing in the world, it is well known. And the one of family affair probably won’t make everyone laugh. The series fully plays the card of the valves on the smoke that makes you hover, stoned guys who play the guitar with Enrico Macias… Apart from a few amusing lines here and there, it is sorely lacking in spirit and creativity. It’s all a bit lazy, patchy at best, and the scripts sometimes sound like a Weeds à la française… Obviously, the comedy seeks its tone, between filthy farce or more mischievous social satire.


As an attendant, family affair push open doors of the genre with a clumsy side; almost annoying, because the material is there to do something more ballsy. The dysfunctional family written by Igor Gotesman works very well and quickly turns out to be endearing. The complicated relationships that bind Joseph to his sister, his father, and his grandmother, weave a gallery of colorful characters. Characters embodied by a perfect cast. Obviously, we love this awesome”myth” of jonathan cohen, when he embarks us on his improbable galleys. His little dance with the patriarch Gerard Darmon a whole of a good old “Carioca”. And supporting roles Julia Piaton (What the hell have we done) in the lead, are flawless. It now remains for the family business to find its business.

Family Business – season 1 in 10 episodes – released on June 28, 2019 on Netflix.


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