Family Business Review (Series, 2019)

REVIEW / SERIES REVIEW – “Family Business” is back on Netflix for a third and final season. Jonathan Cohen and his band are still getting into trouble, against a backdrop of still delirious comedy.

family affair : Netflix’s French stoner

At its beginnings, family affair Recounted the comment of Joseph (Jonathan Cohen), a thirty-something in search of a purpose in his life, discovered that cannabis was about to be legalized in France. Aware of having information that would change his life, he involved his family and a few friends in the production of drugs. Their small business brought in money but also had its share of problems.

As a reminder, we had left our troop in a very bad pass. Joseph, his father (Gérard Darmon) and his son Olivier (Olivier Rosemberg) had been kidnapped when the police got their hands on them. This third and final season resumes in stride. As you can imagine, the characters are entangled in a new quagmire.

family affair never managed to box in the same category as the best stoners from the United States. But we felt, sometimes, that the series could play elbows with its models. Thanks to a few well-felt gags, especially in its second season, which let go of the horses compared to a more timid first. If the beginnings of the French program on Netflix were half fig half grape, season 2 then found a fairly pleasant cruising speed.

family affair ©Netflix

The bigger it is, the better it works

To adhere to the proposal, it is absolutely necessary to have atoms hooked with these vulgo comedies which are not afraid to do too much. From the first episode of this new salvo, it is obvious that family affair is not held back by this fear. She does not even try to twist the clichés or reinvent the world of drugs as it is known in the collective imagination. On the contrary, she forces the line with cartoonish villains and revels in a kind of low-brow hysteria. It is his strength, precisely, to aim no higher than to amuse the gallery with a lot of delirious, outrageous and vulgar gags.

The main cast, nice side, participates in the comic success of the company. Jonathan Cohen continues to be delicious, always as much at ease to play the liar or the moron. He does not reinvent himself and recites a score that he has mastered for some time. Conversely, we will be less tender with the bad guys. Not that the actors are fundamentally bad, but because they have to settle for not very inspired writing to highlight them.

family affair
Family business © Netflix

End clap with a fun season 3

The episodes chain gags and funny replicas, sometimes pushing the cork far. Like, to name only him, with this passage where a very large penis invites itself to the party. When we go out of humor, the series has more difficulty performing. The relationships between the characters are simplistic and incapable of provoking much. From an emotional point of view or more generally at the level of tension.

Fortunately, the comic springs keep the ship afloat throughout these six episodes. Needless to say that family affair will not rally the skeptics of the first hour to its cause in this final sprint. The format of 30 minutes per episode makes the pill easy to swallow, so we close our eyes to the weaknesses and let ourselves be caught up in the nonsense of the Igor Gotesman gang. The series will have reasonably had its day. It is with wisdom that she finds an end point now, without having pulled too much on the rope. When it comes time to take stock, family affair did not turn into a bad trip.

family affair Created by Igor Gotesman, season 3 on Netflix on October 8, 2021. Above the trailer. Find all our trailers here.

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