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Family Business returns this September 11 for a whole new batch of episodes. In the second season of the Netflix series, the Hazan clan will be torn apart over their cannabis business.

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Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs present the plot elements of Season 1 of Family Business. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

In the first season of Family Business, we discovered the Hazan family, embarked on a large cannabis sales business. Thinking that this drug will soon be legalized in France, Joseph (Jonathan Cohen), a failed entrepreneur, convinces his father Gérard (Gérard Darmon), his sister Aure (Julia Piaton), his grandmother Ludmila (Liliane Rovère) and his friends Olivier (Olivier Rosemberg) and Ali (Ali Marhyar) to transform the family kosher butcher into a coffee-shop while waiting for the new legislation. Their small, clandestine business is increasingly prolific, which soon brings trouble.

At the end of the first season, the Hazans are trapped by Jaurès (Tamar Baruch), a drug baroness, who steals their cannabis stock. After a tough discussion, Joseph managed to make him believe that his family weighs in on the drug scene and saves his loved ones. But the biggest problem remains that the legalization of cannabis in France is not about to pass since the Minister of Health – and the father of Clémentine (Louise Coldefy), Olivier’s girlfriend -, who had detained was dismissed from his post.

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Crisis in the Hazan family

The Hazans then decide to withdraw from the business by throwing away their stock of cannabis. For his part, Joseph learns that his girlfriend Aïda (Lina El Arabi) is pregnant with him. But his happiness is short-lived since Jaurès has found the Hazans and threatens them. Instead of killing them, Jaurès praises the quality of their cannabis, which they call Pastraweed, and forces them to become partners and buy their harvest exclusively from them for his business.

In season 2, we find the Hazan family a year later with Joseph, the father of triplets, and a booming business. While business is going well with Jaurès, a small delivery defect puts a brake on their agreement and Aïda threatens Joseph: if he does not stop selling weed with his family, he will no longer see his children. Panicked, Joseph decides to turn against his family and scare them into believing that a rival gang wants to steal their place in the market and that it is extremely dangerous. Except that Joseph’s plan will backfire…

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