Family Business: after an uneven season 3, the Netflix series on the most famous French cannabis sellers offers a rather unexpected ending

There it’s finished. After three seasons, family affair bows out on Netflix. The Hazan family put away their plans for cannabis, more precisely pastraweed, and left the universe of the series. Should we regret it? The answer is not so obvious to formulate. After a disappointing first season, the second had turned the tide thanks to characters better in their baskets of weed vendors and a scenario much better put together by Igor Gotesman. And so here is the third qualified as “final season” by Netflix and composed of six episodes of just over 30 minutes. To put it simply, let’s say that it is between the first two, with good and sometimes even very good, but also bad and sometimes even very bad.

In season 3 of “Family Business”, the Hazan family will once again have to get out of a strange situation. © Emmanuel Guimier

Let’s start with the bad. Like season 1, the beginning of this part 3 is missed. Yet it is surprising to see the Hazan family, made up of Joseph, Aure, Gérard and Ludmila, we must add Olivier, Joseph’s “brother” as he calls him, find themselves locked in a monastery lost in the middle of a nowhere that strongly resembles the pampas after being kidnapped at the end of season 2. We could then, precisely, that family affair will surf on the latter, weary… Very quickly, the characters lock themselves in dialogues where the story “pee poop” acts as a common thread, especially the second named. Far be it from us to be humorous and take offense at slightly scatological jokes, but when there are too many, it doesn’t pass. Especially since more than half of the jokes, in addition to lacking finesse, are not very good. In short, we quickly descend from the helicopter which opens the first episode of season 3 in an American blockbuster style and we then remember the unpromising trailer for this final season of the Netflix series: straight into the wall seems to be the direction that will inevitably be taken.


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