Excellent news ! New Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Mercenaries Trailer and Details Released

Capcom shared a new trailer for the new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition showcasing the new ‘The Mercenaries Additional Orders’ mode, the new ‘Winters Expansion’, and more.

Here is the new trailer:

The first of the major additions is the introduction of three new playable characters for the Mercenaries: Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, everyone’s favorite sweetheart. The Mercenaries will also be entitled to two new scenes, the Bloody Village and the Bloody River.

Second, the Gold Edition will launch Shadows of Rose, a Downloadable content story set 16 years after Resident Evil Village. In Shadows of Rose, you play as Rose who seeks to understand the powers she possesses and free herself from what she believes to be a curse.

Arguably Resident Evil Village’s most interesting addition is the introduction of a third-person mode. Players will be able to experience Resident Evil Village from the familiar over-the-shoulder perspective we’ve seen in previous titles like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Resident Evil Village “The Winters’ Expansion” DLC will launch on October 28, alongside the multiplayer spin-off. Resident Evil Re:Verse and the Gold Edition, all launching on the same day.

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