Ex-couple of Double occupation: PH Cantin sues Jessie Nadeau for defamation


Me Jean-François Bertrand and Me Elodie Drolet-French represent Pascal-Hugo Caron-Cantin. Sources: Instagram and website of Jean-François Bertrand Avocats inc.

Accusing each other of being narcissistic, two former Quebec reality TV stars who have become influencers will continue their soap opera in court.

Me Jean-Francois Bertrand and me Elodie Drolet-French of Jean-François Bertrand Avocats inc. represent the plaintiff in this case.

After meeting while filming‘Double occupancy in Bali in 2017, Jessie nadeau and Pascal-Hugo Caron-Cantin were a couple before becoming business partners. They have published two books on vegan cooking, in addition to marketing dishes with their recipes.

On December 17, Jessie Nadeau posted a video on social media alleging that she had been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-partner. Believing the charges to be unfounded, Pascal-Hugo Caron-Cantin filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court for the sum of $205,000.


In addition to the money, the 30-year-old is asking the court to order his ex-wife to issue a letter of retraction and apology, and post it on his various platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. He also demands the removal of the videos that Jessie Nadeau published concerning him, in particular that of December 17. Its distribution has, according to its request, damaged its reputation in addition to causing it to lose sponsors.

The former Laval University Rouge et Or swim club athlete owns a podcast production company and manages the YouTube channelWithout filter, which has 45,300 subscribers. Known as PH Cantin, his Instagram account has 109,000 followers.

Jessie Nadeau, originally from Quebec, feeds several web platforms and has 180,000 subscribers on Instagram. After three weeks, her YouTube video about her ex-spouse had over 110,000 views. She alleges that she was the victim of physical, verbal and psychological violence by Caron-Cantin, false and baseless accusations, according to the latter’s lawyers.


Their request, the allegations of which remain to be proven to the Court, lifts the veil on the reasons for the separation of the couple, in March 2020. According to the document, it occurred following an interview given by Caron-Cantin, to Radio-Canada Saguenay.

He had been chosen to talk about the couple’s projects, since he is from Chicoutimi. Jessie Nadeau would have reproached him after the interview for not having spoken enough about her, to focus only on him. In disagreement on this point and “other aspects of their relationship”, specifies the request, the couple ended their union.

Jessy Nadeau.  Source: Instagram


Jessy Nadeau. Source: Instagram

After keeping their business ties for a while, the two influencers also ended their professional union.

Subsequently, Caron-Cantin’s lawyers accused the woman of having identified him as a narcissistic person, while implying that he had been the victim of domestic violence.

It all culminated in the video of December 17, where Jessie Nadeau clearly identifies her ex-spouse.

” To attract attention “

According to the claims of the prosecution, Jessie Nadeau would have multiplied denunciations of all kinds “solely to attract the attention of her public”.


The original version of this text has been modified. We could initially read this: “The document even claims that the influencer shows a borderline personality disorder”, about Jessie Nadeau. This information is not found in the request.

The document alleges instead that a former roommate of Jessie Nadeau would also have been the subject of defamatory remarks on his part, according to which the roommate would have adopted inappropriate behavior during their cohabitation due to mental disorders such as borderline personality disorder.

The action signed by lawyer Jean-François Bertrand was registered in the judicial district of Quebec. Pascal-Hugo Caron-Cantin and his lawyers declined our interview request.

In December, he reacted to his ex-wife’s latest video by saying he would not comment on the case.

This will be settled in court, where the facts will be established. What was said is far from reality and we are several to live similar situations at the hands of the same person, he was content to write on Instagram.

We tried to reach Jessie Nadeau, without success.


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