Ethereum: the Sepolia testnet is preparing for The Merge

The merger in preparation – The network Ethereum is a few months away from an unprecedented evolution. Indeed, this one will change mode of consensus, passing from proof of work to proof of stake. So this transition will be done through a process called ” Fusion “. While waiting for its release on the mainnet, the developers are testing the update on the testnets, sepolia being next on the list.

Fusion: Nothing should be left to chance

For several months, the developers of the Ethereum network have been multiplying initiatives to tester long and wide the deploy of “The Fusion”. Indeed, the maneuver is not trivial. Nothing should be left to chance for what may be likened to open-heart surgery.

After testing the transition on several shade forksdevelopers have shifted into high gear by tackling the test networks. Thus, on June 8, the developers successfully deployed The Merge on the Ropsten testnet. A first conclusive step, allowing the oldest Ethereum testnet to move to proof of stake.

However, all is not won. This transition was not made without some bugs, failures and desynchronizations. Nothing more normal, for a block chain which communicates a dozen different customers.

Therefore, new trials full-scale must take place, prior to a deployment final from The Merge on the main network of Ethereum.

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Sepolia prepares for The Merge

sepolia is a testnet of the Ethereum network, launched in October 2021. Eventually, it will replace the historical testnet Ropsten.

As part of “The Merge”, Sepolia will be the second testnet testing the transition to Proof of Stake. To do this, however, it must have its own ” tag string “.

As a reminder, the beacon string represents the layer of consensus in proof of stake of Ethereum. The Merge update aims to link this chain of tags to the layer application of Ethereum, spawning one and the same chain in good.

So, on June 20, Ethereum developers announced the deploy of a chain of tags specific to the Sepolia testnet. Its deployment marks the beginning of a series of actions that will ultimately lead to the publication from The Merge on an additional testnet.

Nethermind indicates the deployment of a chain of beacons specific to Sepolia.

No date has not yet been announced for the Implementation of transition. For comparison, the time between the broadcaster of the flagship channel and that of The Merge on Ropsten was around twenty days. Therefore, it is likely that The Merge is deployed on Sepolia during the second week of July.

Note, however, that the launch will depend on the potential evolution of customer specifications by then. The correction of any detected bugs could also be deployed.

The mainnet on the alert while waiting for The Merge

In parallel, the preparations continues on the Ethereum mainnet. So the developers decided to repel difficulty bomb a hundred days. In practice, this allows them to grant themselves an additional reprieve so as not to have to rush the deployment of The Merge.

Without going into details, the difficulty bomb vise to gradually increase the hard mining on Ethereum, to ensure that the minors will abandon the chain in proof of work, once the transition to the proof of stake finalized.

However, this leads to a increase from the time of blocks (block time). Therefore, his report helps avoid a slowdown in Ethereum while waiting for The Merge to roll out.

Note, however, that the ratio of the bomb difficulty does not necessarily imply report of The Merge. As Ben Edgington pointed out on Twitter :

They say it won’t delay the merger. I sincerely hope not. Each additional week on the PoW generated almost a million tons of CO2 emissions. »

For its part, Ether suffered like the rest of the market from significantdrops. Thus, it has fallen back below the $1,000 mark in recent days.

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