Erectile Dysfunction and Covid: Man Claims His Penis Shrunk After Serious Infection, Studies Confirm Not an Isolated Case

Information can make you smile. But since the outbreak of the epidemic, several diagnoses bear witness to real conditions that male patients may present after a Covid infection.

Among the symptoms caused by the Covid, that of the consequences on erectile dysfunction returned to the table this week. In the sexo podcast of the American media How To Do It broadcast by the Slate site, a man explains “that after being affected by a severe form of Covid, his penis had shrunk“.

In July last year I contracted Covid and was very sick. When I got out of the hospital I had erectile dysfunction problems” he explains. “This problem gradually improved after treatment but there is one effect that persists: my penis has shrunk by almost 4 cm“. Charles Welliver, a men’s health specialist and urologist at Albany Medical College, said in this How To Do It podcast that Covid is linked to erectile dysfunction, which is itself linked to a decrease in erectile dysfunction. penis size.

If the vascular system is malfunctioning, there is insufficient blood flow to cause an erection

Admittedly, the pathology noted by the American patient who saw the size of his penis shrink is extremely rare. But cases of fertility problems have already been observed. A study published in the medical journal The Lancet in 2021 examined more than 3,700 people with long Covid. And on this sample of sick people, scientists had identified more than 200 potential symptoms detected all over the body.

u2606 What about the potentially permanent non-lethal medical effects of SARS-COV-2? u2606

Even with breakthrough infections and/or mild symptoms, can we rule out vascular and cognitive changes, organ damage, etc. ?

• COVID study found 205 symptoms in 10 body organs

— Celeste Kenney, CNC, MS (@celestial_bean_) December 11, 2021

Among these symptoms, thedecreased testicle/penis size” is present, although cases have only been observed in a very small minority of cases.

A study dating back to May 2021 also shows that erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms. In a publication from The World Journal of Men’s Health, the results confirm the relationship between Covid-19 infection and effects on the human penis after contamination. The effect of the virus on blood flow in the penis can lead to impaired erectile function.

COVID is a blood disease. One of its possible effects is permanent impotence in men.

The NIH calls it an erectile dysfunction epidemic.

– Teeuwynn (@Teeuwynn) January 13, 2022

When the vascular system is malfunctioning, there is insufficient blood flow to cause an erection. We speak of endothelial dysfunction: when vasodilation no longer occurs normally.

A few weeks ago, still in an article published in Slate, the urologist Aaron Spitz listed several of the harmful effects of the disease on the penis, approximately 5% of men suffering from a severe form of the disease would see their sperm count or their erection ability decrease.

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