EcoRéseau Business – Why has managing your energy performance less well become essential today?

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Carefully managing your energy consumption and the energy performance of your home has never been so important, for several reasons.
Let’s start with comfort: a house or apartment with well-managed energy performance is a pleasant accommodation to live in, which is not or no longer a thermal sieve, whose temperature is regulated, adapted to the seasons and weather changes, which does not consume excessively and does not damage the planet.

Monitoring your energy performance, an indisputable necessity

Whether you own a private home or a business, new, innovative solutions at prices that won’t empty your wallet or harm the environment multiply; no more reason, then, not to focus on the insulation and energy performance of your home, at the risk of finding yourself deprived in the years to come. For example, there are tailor-made energy performance monitoring software, such as This software offers day-to-day monitoring of energy consumption, in order to propose adjustments and tailor-made optimization plans. Delegating the monitoring of energy monitoring can therefore prove to save both time and money: represented in the form of infographics, charts or graphs, the synthesized data makes it possible to regain control of its consumption. Collective housing, offices, tertiary sector: all environments without exception are concerned by the issue of energy, its environmental impact and its addition, which can quickly turn out to be salty!

Because the monitoring of energy performance is a key point for a more pragmatic reason: the price! By skillfully managing your energy performance, it is possible to halve your electricity bill, a significant saving in money. Especially since many aids are now available for households wishing to improve the energy performance of their homes. Loans specially designed for this purpose, government aid, renovation bonuses, it is quite possible to have your home renovated in the desire to increase its energy performance without breaking the bank, particularly when energy prices are rising in the world.

Be at the forefront of performance

Monitoring your consumption and bringing your home into compliance if necessary is even recommended, because here is another reason why keeping a close eye on the management of your energy performance is essential today: to be up to standard !

Indeed, in this year 2022, many laws are being created or updated. Among them, the freezing of rents for housing rated between G and F on their energy diagnosis; while the energy audit will become obligatory to present during a sale from next September. Not when astonishing energy renovation is being deployed more and more in France: the National Observatory for Energy Renovation counted between 2017 and 2019 more than 2.3 million homes renovated with energy.

Between rising energy prices, evolving standards and laws, and the simple but essential comfort at home, it seems absolutely essential to manage your energy performance as closely as possible, helped by the many solutions and aids offered.

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