EcoRéseau Business – The shutdown of Internet Explorer shakes Japan

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The browser created by Microsoft in 1995 has become famous his farewell Wednesday, June 15. Where the rest of the world adapted well, Japan was unprepared.

“Between tradition and modernity”. This phrase often used to describe Japan seems true on the surface, but the reality is quite different. Getting Japanese people to adopt new technologies is not always easy. Many still use fax. Others still browse the Web with… Internet Explorer. Flat, Microsoft a decision to terminate the browser, and prevent its servant from accessing the Internet for security reasons.

The whole world was warned. As early as May 2021, we knew that Internet Explorer would be unusable on June 15, 2022. But some countries anticipated better than others. The Japanese have persisted in not swearing by Internet Explorer until the end. The very end of the end. In Tokyo, the company Computer Engineering & Consulting (CEC) has been facing a multitude of calls for a few days: ” [Nos clients] knew the end date, but they pushed it back until the last minute,” reveals one of the employees. According to a study conducted in March by the network company Keyman’s Net, 49% of employees of large Japanese companies still use the legacy browser for various tasks such as managing employee attendance, tallying costs and other internal company tools. In some cases, the use of Internet Explorer remains mandatory due to their customers’ tools.

A market share of 0.6% in May 2022

On the government side, it is no better. The National Pensions Service site can only be viewed with Internet Explorer, even today. Faced with this problem, the State Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) called on all organizations in Japan to update their systems to avoid blockages and possible cyberattacks.

Internet Explorer was created in 1995 to create an opposition to Netscape. Microsoft’s browser had a 95% market share between 2002 and 2003. Afterwards, especially around 2008, which marked the release of Google Chrome, IE began a slow fall… until it reached a market share of 0 , 6% in May 2022, according to figures from the Statcounter site. As a reminder, Chrome is now the most widely used browser in the world, with a market share of 65%.

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