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Zoom on the copies of Audencia students!

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The theme this year: Ethics and advice

It all started in May 2020 with the online publication, in the daily letter ofBusiness EcoNetworkstudent copies of Lucie Nouri, teacher-researcher at Audencia, all engaged in a specialization major course consultant – their presentations focus on the organization of consulting firms and careers in consulting.

The competition continues this year with a new generation of students.

Lucie Noury, the teacher

After a few years of experience in the consulting sector and a doctorate in management sciences obtained at Mines ParisTech, the teacher spent several years as a professor at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam before joining Audencia Business School in September 2019 “My research focuses on the organization of consulting firms and the contemporary transformations of professional work. »

son teaching

“My courses are related to human resources management, organizational theory and consulting practice. I am notably responsible for the major consultant in the fall semester. »

Published articles

They are written as part of a Specialization Major course consultant on the organization of consulting firms. “I invite students to think about current topics in the consulting sector, explains Lucie Noury, in connection with the content of the course. To do this, they must interview a consulting professional on this topic, then receive an article with an angle of their choice. The objective is twofold: to help students develop a reflective point of view on trends in the sector and to invite them to use this exercise to mature their professional project. This promotion worked on the theme “Ethics and advice”, which opens up a vast field of investigation. On this topic, I selected the five articles which seemed to me to be the most original, the most analytical and the most pleasant to read. »

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