Drug trafficking in Clermont-Ferrand: “The business is lively but the police do not give up”

Six kilos of cannabis in a dealer’s cache, nearly 1.2 kg of heroin and cocaine at the home of a father and his son, around 700 cannabis resin plants in a camp for travellers… The police officers of Clermont- Ferrand have chained the spectacular nets, in recent months, in the middle of the drug.

“A bloody year for traffickers”

Result, in 2021: a 40% increase in resolved drug trafficking cases and 36 people imprisoned. “This end of 2021 has been bloody for traffickers”, notes with satisfaction the divisional commissioner Arnaud Bavois, departmental director of public security (DDSP). “In my opinion, some have holes in the body! “

Police raid in Saint-Jacques: “Here is one of the most important deal points in Clermont”

If the boss of the Puydômois police officers is delighted with the results, he is just as pleased with the method used. And in particular the close collaboration, in this endless fight, between the DDSP and the territorial direction of the judicial police (DTPJ). No question of everyone working in their own corner in the face of networks with multiple ramifications.

“Avoiding the Font War”

“The idea is to avoid the police war and to step on each other’s toes”, deciphers Arnaud Bavois. “On the biggest deal points in particular, we have to work together to go beyond consumers and resellers and go up the strings a little higher in business, import and local traffic”.

The apartment smelled of cannabis: the police seized 2.2 kg of drugs in Clermont-Ferrand

“We keep informed when there are arrests and our actions are coordinated so that our investigations fit together,” supports divisional commissioner Éric Bertrand, head of the DTPJ. An agreement and a complementarity that the police intend to pursue in 2022 in the face of traffic that continues to grow and diversify.

“This business is alive in Clermont-Ferrand, it is a real scourge. But we are not giving up. The traffickers, to whom we do not wish a happy new year, will continue to have us on their backs, ”announces Arnaud Bavois.

The police have been increasing anti-drug operations for several months in Clermont-Ferrand, as here in Saint-Jacques (file photo Fred Marquet).

Products Cannabis resin and herb, cocaine, heroin… “We find everything in the agglomeration”, notes Arnaud Bavois, departmental director of public security. And even heroin, therefore, yet increasingly marginal in other regions. Nearly 1.2 kg of this drug was seized recently, in Clermont-Ferrand and Cébazat, in the Albanian environment.

TransportAre the go fasts, these very high-speed convoys, aboard large engines, which bring back large quantities of narcotics, endangered? “The tendency is rather to bring back 10 or 20 kilos rather than 400”, indicate Arnaud Bavois. “In the event of a problem, seizures, losses and legal risks are reduced, even if it means making more trips. “Also even if it means doing without intermediaries. “Small-level traffickers, who have plants in Morocco, do not hesitate to seek modest quantities themselves to supply local traffic,” notes Éric Bertrand.

Purchases Here again, places and methods are changing. The police no longer only have to deal with traffic in the neighborhood but also in buildings, building halls, even between friends. “What is also developing quite a bit are the purchases of narcotics on the Darknet”, underlines Éric Bertrand. “They tend to concern young people and allow the delivery of relatively interesting quantities of drugs”. Recently, in Clermont-Ferrand, the DTPJ thus arrested a 16-year-old teenager, unknown to the police, who had ordered 500 g of cannabis on the Darknet.

Olivier Choruszko


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