DRC: Amani Gold wants to raise USD 7 million for its Giro gold project

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Amani Gold announced to shareholders and new investors, on September 10, 2021, its decision to raise USD 7 million to finance the development of its Giro gold project and replenish the company’s cash, after a placement private in two tranches of 7 billion USD of shares at a unit price of 0.001 USD.

The purported will bring, to Amani Gold, funds in return for a price of participation in its share capital for the purpose of constituting a financial heritage that can respond to its gold project of Giro. This consists of two permits covering a total area of ​​497 km² in the Kilo-Moto belt, a gold mining region in northeastern DRC. Moto is located in Haut-Uele province and Kilo in Ituri province. Gold was discovered on the Ituri River in 1903 by Congolese government prospectors.

Amani Gold is working to complete a study carried out last December on the Kebigada site. Formerly Burey Gold Limited, it is an Australian mining exploration company investing in the exploration of mineral interests and the search for precious metals and energy.

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