discover the “free” games for January 2022

Microsoft is preparing a retrogaming start to the year for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with four titles that smack of nostalgia.

In a few days, we will officially close the chapter of this funny year 2021. And as usual at Microsoft, who says new month says new selection of games offered to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. To attack the new year in style, we will thus be entitled to four decidedly very retro titles, but of very good quality: Neurovoider, Stranded, Radiant Silvergun and Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Neurovoider (January 1 – January 31)

This is a hack ‘n’ slash that uses the codes of some successful rogue-lites like Bond of Isaac. The main difference is that the player controls… a brain, which will have to fight its way between hordes of ruthless robots with great blows of nuclear weapons.

With its frenetic gameplay characteristic of the genre, its soundtrack with small onions and its rather flattering pixel-art, this is a very good title that will certainly appeal to fans of the genre, especially since it is possible to play cooperatively with three friends!

Aground (January 16 – February 15)

Failed, the creation of the independent studio SnöBox, is a hidden nugget. It is therefore a great surprise to see this relatively unknown, but surprisingly well-built game arrive on Xbox Live.

The concept is as simple as its very minimalist graphic style. You play as a poor bugger who must survive on a desert island and reach the stars through a mix of base-building, survival and management. Those who enjoyed Terrariums Where Starbound will certainly find many qualities in this title which proves to be surprisingly captivating in its simplistic tunes.

Radiant Silvergun (January 1 – January 15)

The not so young among you may remember Radiant Silver Pistol, a vertically scrolling shoot ’em’ up that was one of the biggest hits of the Sega Saturn in 1998. nostalgic people will probably appreciate being able to play some parts of this great classic.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (January 16 – January 31)

And to conclude this batch of old-school games, the Xbox Live teams have found the ideal candidate: Space Invaders Infinity Gene. This updated version of the legendary shooter released in 1978 features over 140 levels, new weapons and bonuses, but the original recipe remains largely unchanged.

How to get these games?

For those who do not have the subscription, the titles mentioned above remain downloadable via the Microsoft store. Failedis thus available at a price of €14.99, Neurovideur priced at € 13.99, Radiant Silver Pistol at a price of € 14.49 and Space Invaders infinity gene priced at € 9.49.

As a reminder, Xbox Live Gold is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which is displayed at a price of €12.99 per month, or is available independently at a price of €6.99 per month. This subscription allows you to play online multiplayer games and receive a minimum of two free games per month.

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