Digital Business Developer job description: training, salary & skills

Digital Business Developer job description: training, salary & skills

In a context of increasing competition, the Business Developer Digital, also nicknamed “Bizdev” will try to achieve objectives by implementing a strategic plan to ensure the sustainability of the company by developing its activity. Highly valued by companies, the Digital Business Developer is a manager at the heart of sustainable growth. At the same time strategist, negotiator and entrepreneur, he sets out to conquer the markets, transforms opportunities into business, relying on his knowledge of economic issues to ensure the growth of his business.

The different missions of the Digital Business Developer

The Business Developer’s mission is to find new growth levers for his company. He must carry out projects in such a way as to develop turnover directly (new customers or products) or indirectly (marketing, communication). In connection with the sales, marketing, financial and legal teams, he must create ideas and teams in order to create new sustainable activities within the company. In charge of sales and activity development, the Digital Business Developer is the guarantor of a good customer-company relationship.

Skills and qualities required of a Digital Business Developer

The Digital Business Developer requires diverse and varied skills: negotiation, leadership, creativity, spirit of conquest and many more. He must always keep in mind the medium and long-term development of the company, be attentive to market developments, anticipate opportunities… This job does not stop at the development of sales and turnover, it is a real strategic mission.

Training to become a Digital Business Developer

To become a Digital Business Developer, employers agree that he must have graduated from a business school, or an engineering school completed by a 3rd cycle in finance, management or marketing. Some business schools even have specialized and targeted training to become a Business Developer.

Bizdev’s job allows you to bounce back into new jobs or sectors always linked to current events and digital, and in contact with many customers and partners, it is always at the center of many opportunities and development prospects.

Salary and remuneration of a Digital Business Developer

At the start of their career, the Digital Business Developer can reach a gross monthly salary of around €2,900. Then depending on the economic context, the situation of the company, and the seniority of the employee, the salary can sometimes go up to €7,000 gross monthly.

Article written by Marina JAMET

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