Did Bitcoin fund the attack on the Capitol?

One year from the assault on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, various documents reveal troubling links between the American far right and certain sources of crypto funding.

Those who witnessed the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 by supporters of Donald trump sometimes remained in shock. However, certain information published since has revealed worrying links between movements extremists from various nations but also donations in support – and among these, that of a French activist – to American far-right activists.

On December 8, 2020, a mysterious donor transferred 28.15 Bitcoins (BTC), or $522,000 to 22 various addresses. However, if we are to believe the investigation carried out by Chainalysis (and published in the 2021 Crypto Crime Report), several of these addresses belonged to far-right activists. The main beneficiary, Nick Fuentes was present during the siege of the Capitol: he received 13.5 BTC, or about 250,000 dollars. However, it appeared that a certain Fuentes had participated in developing a protest action in Washington of several pro-Trump movements to counter the election of Biden and had promoted it on social networks.

Other major recipients also included Ethan ralph lauren, a podcaster from the “white supremacy” movement, VDARE, an American anti-immigration website or Gad, an alternative social network advocating “free expression”, but curiously popular with an extremist audience. Are we to believe that the January 6 operation had been planned? We can reasonably think so.

The mysterious French donor

What about the famous French donor? It was a computer programmer. And the person concerned, Laurent Bachelier, had committed suicide the day after the transfer of his BTC, that is to say on December 9, 2020, while leaving this message: “ Western civilization is in decline. It doesn’t matter what happens after I disappear. I have decided to donate my modest fortune to certain causes and individuals “.

However, it has since turned out that other similar financings had been made. One report published in June 2021 by the FATF, (an intergovernmental organization for the fight against money launderingsilver and financing of terrorism), highlighted how certain extremist groups were fond of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Dash or Zcash for their funding. Thus, a Belgian group, “Schild and Vrienden”, received many donations in Bitcoin.

In September 2021, Associated Press revealed in turn that Andrew Anglin, leader of a neo-Nazi site, The Daily Stormer, had received 112 BTC, the equivalent of $4.8 million in cryptocurrencies.

And Douglass Mackey, who was arrested in Florida on January 27, 2021 for promoting online hate, subsequently received the support of a mysterious donor in the form of $60,000 in BTC, a donation made in September 2021. And again, the same source noticed that a donation, admittedly more limited, had been sent to the National Alliance – a white supremacist group – two days before the capitol storming.

Does Bitcoin have a political color?

Should we deduce that some donations in Bitcoin could have helped organize the assault on the Capitol? The question is unfortunately likely. However, let’s not think that there would be a “love story” between Bitcoin and the far right. Decrypt likes to point out that this same Bitcoin is put to use by candidates from the Democratic Party such as Andrew Yang and Eric Adams.

Supporters of Bitcoin will therefore have a fair chance to assert that as such, Bitcoin is apolitical!

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