design, price, launch date… everything we know about Google’s connected watch

After contenting itself with designing the OS for connected watches, Google should soon launch its first smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. Even before its launch, here’s everything we know about Google’s first connected watch.

The Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser and Rendersbyian

In 2014, Google launched Android Wear – which has since become Wear OS – its operating system intended to equip the connected watches of its partners. However, unlike smartphones where the firm has not hesitated to launch its own references, the Nexus and Pixel, Google has so far refused to design its own connected watch.

It finally looks like it is, and the Google Pixel Watch is slated for the next few months. Numerous leaks indeed report a watch designed directly by Google intended to highlight its own ecosystem. It must be said that Google has become a major player in the connected watch industry in recent months. Not only did the firm partner with Samsung to merge Wear OS and Tizen, but Google also acquired one of the world’s leading smartwatch makers: Fitbit.

This first Made by Google connected watch should therefore have been designed in partnership with the Fitbit teams. Known by the code name “Rohan”however, it will indeed be a watch launched under the Google Pixel brand and equipped with the manufacturer’s OS: Wear OS.

Design of the Google Pixel Watch

While the Pixel Watch has been rumored for several years now, things picked up speed last April. Leaker Jon Prosser then announced that he had got his hands on “tons of photos” of a connected watch designed by Google and already known under the code name Pixel Watch. In order to protect the source who sent him these images, the leaker then had 3D renderings made to discover the design of the watch.

These 3D renderings already allowed us to perceive a connected watch with particularly thin screen borders which extend over the contours of the case. The watch as it was presented would also have a proprietary bracelet system, like what Apple offers with its Apple Watch.

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