Depressed by Bitcoin price? Join Paris Hilton in the metaverse!

Play it like Paris – NFT collector and businesswoman Paris Hilton caused a stir on New Year’s Eve by throwing a party on the Roblox metaverse. The queen of the party confirms that the year 2022 will be that of the metaverses (virtual universes). Buzz, or real growth of the metaverse to the detriment of games play to win, stars of 2021? We take stock.

In Roblox cryptocurrencies are not part of the party

Source: Twitter

Roblox, created in 2006 is a platform cloud game (game host), such as Sandbox. On these platforms, one can develop games and play them. In Roblox, you can go to the “Paris Wolrd”; Paris Hilton Island (a virtual reproduction of his main residence). Roblox, famous in the United States and around the world claims more than 50 million users on its platform.

To evolve in Roblox and be able to integrate games, have avatars, or even create a game, you must have Robux. The Robux is an internal platform token that is in no way a cryptocurrency.

So why write about Roblox in the JDC you say? Because Paris Hilton, business-woman with sequins, often has a fine nose on NFT projects, and in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its influence allows a larger public to take an interest in these areas.

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When cryptos invite themselves into the metaverse

Paris Hilton is not on her first try. Indeed, since 2020, the businesswoman multiplies investments, and we find it behind major projects such as, among others:

  • His participation in a $20 million fundraiser for the non-profit organization Origin Foundation (platform for certification and authentication of works of art which is developing in collectibles).
  • She works in collaboration with artists such as RTFKStudio for create their own NFTs.
  • She already had a party on Decentralized (MANA) in October 2021: she’s a virtual socialite.

In the ball of NFTs and NFT games, she led the first dance and open the possibilities to platforms like Sandbox and Décentraland to exist.

The metaverse: the before or the after of blockchain games?

The games are also part of the party and suggest that the year 2022 may not only be the year of the metaverse. Indeed, Tuesday, January 4, the future blockchain game Dogami (DOGA) announces a fundraising of 6 million dollars from companies such as SandBox and Ubisoft. Their will is develop a mainstream NFT game on the Tezos Blockchain. The concept is simple: raise your little companion dog in petavers (NB: pet means pet in English). Their Road Map indicates that there will be possible gains in DOGA in a concept play to win.

Tweet from Decentraland which reproduces a tweet from the official Australian Open account.  This is the announcement video of the launch of the metaverse of the famous tennis tournaments and their NFTs.
Source: Twitter

Games and metaverse are related. Indeed, the metaverse offers a virtual universe where the game allows you to animate, bring virtual space to life. In this direction, Decentraland announced on Tuesday January 5th to launch a collection of NFTs representing the plots of a tennis court. It will also be possible to go to the ” Towards the metaverse » of the Australian Open. Events and games will be organized there. (tennis tournaments for example).

Match point for the metavers who will have to play doubles with the play to earn games for the year 2022. An entertaining pas de deux which finds its audience in this period of pandemic.

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