Deloitte relies on NYDIG to drive Bitcoin adoption for institutions.

London-based international professional services network Deloitte and leading Bitcoin firm NYDIG recently announced their collaboration. It’s about helping businesses of all sizes implement digital asset capabilities into their operations.

A partnership to launch a Bitcoin banking service

The offer is dedicated to clients seeking advice on the implementation of Bitcoin products and services.

NYDIG partners with Deloitte’s blockchain and digital asset practice in many areas. Especially for bitcoin products, banking services, consumer loyalty, rewards programs, employee benefits, etc. Thanks to this partnership, companies will have access to the many financial and technical products and services of NYDIGas well as Deloitte’s multidisciplinary professional services.

More and more consumers are turning to their banks as trusted crypto service providers. The alliance between Deloitte and NYDIG will leverage these growing interests to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption.

The president of NYDIGYan Zhao, said that: “The company dreams of a world where “traditional financial infrastructure works in tandem with digital asset infrastructure. This is to deliver a first-class customer experience and the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We have already started bringing bitcoin to everyone by integrating bitcoin wallets into existing user experiences. This by powering bitcoin rewards programs and enabling bitcoin secured lending.

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Furthermore, he also stated that Deloitte was the ideal partner. This is to help companies carry out such projects efficiently and meet customer needs “with a high degree of rigor”.

richard RosenthalDeloitte’s Head of Digital Banking Assets Regulatory Practice said: “We believe that this alliance with NYDIG will further drive business growth and will be another feature of the significant investment Deloitte will make to enable innovation in digital assets.

NYDIG works hard to drive cryptocurrency adoption.

Indeed, NYDIG partnered with several traditional financial institutions to drive cryptocurrency adoption, in May. For example, it has partnered with fintech company FIS to provide services for banks to provide bitcoin functionality to their customers. Additionally, she has partnered with Bank of Americathe fifth-largest bank in the United States, to launch a Bitcoin custodial service in October 2021.

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