Deathloop’s Killing Day is now Gold

That’s it: after multiple reports, Deathloop has gone Goldas the announcement the official Twitter account of the title. Nothing seems forbidden anymore Arkane Lyon’s next game (Dishonored) to be released on the last scheduled date: September 14.

Attention, we remind you that a passing game gold certification isn’t necessarily considered “finished” (we’re thinking of you Cyberpunk 2077), and it’s more than likely that the confirmed studio of polish the game until its release (see below). Nevertheless, report the chances of a new are now very weak, and Bethesda can send Deathloop to press machines without too much risk.

already, Deathloop gameplay distinguished himself in a State of Play, highlighted its game mechanics close to a Dishonored, but which seems to allow the player to do all the craziness without really penalizing him. And then, the Blaxpoitation side a sacred charm.

As a reminder, Deathloop will be released as a one-year temporary exclusivity on PlayStation 5, Microsoft having decided to accepting Bethesda’s commitment to Sony before the publisher’s takeover last year. If not, you can still play it on PC from September 14although an availability on Game Pass remains to be confirmed.

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