Death of a multi-talented lawyer


Me Jean-François Pleau. Source: Beauvais Truchon Avocats website

Me Jean-Francois Pleau died accidentally on the last day of 2021 at the age of 61.

Me Pleau was a senior partner, commercial lawyer and trademark agent at Beauvais Truchon Avocats in Quebec.

The lawyer has spent his entire career at Beauvais Truchon Avocats, where he joined in 1987, two years after being admitted to the bar. He held a bachelor’s degree in law from Laval University.

He had started his career with De Grandpré in Montreal. After two years, the lawyer had chosen to return to Quebec, he who was from Loretteville. It was then that he joined the firm where he will have remained for nearly 35 years.

Me Pleau practiced in the purchase and sale of businesses, financing of real estate projects, negotiation of commercial contracts and intellectual property. He had also taught commercial law at the École du Barreau de Québec in the 1990s.

He worked as an attorney for major corporations and institutions in the context of real estate projects, including the acquisition and sale of real estate, title reviews, negotiation and drafting of financing agreements, guarantee, joint possession, servitude, management as well as the drafting of commercial leases.

“By his sudden departure, the members of the firm lose more than a colleague, a friend whose kindness, sense of humor and generosity will be missed”, pays homage to the firm Beauvais Truchon Avocats on its website and on the social networks, which praises his rigor, his creativity and his great competence.

Me Jean-François Pleau died following a skiing accident, avoiding a child who had lost control of his trajectory, says Me Bruno Lepage, partner at Beauvais Truchon Avocats, and great friend of the deceased.

Me Pleau worked for public and parapublic organizations as well as for private clients. In the office, it was easily accessible for young lawyers. “Jean-François was known to have his door always open, greet Me Lepage. He never said no to young lawyers who knocked on his door for strategic advice on a case. “

My Bruno Lepage, Anne-Marie Naud, Micheline Dessureault and Simon Clément.  Sources: Beauvais Truchon Avocats, Fasken, TCJ and Lavery websites


My Bruno Lepage, Anne-Marie Naud, Micheline Dessureault and Simon Clément. Sources: Beauvais Truchon Avocats, Fasken, TCJ and Lavery websites

Multiple talents

In addition to his skills and openness, Me Jean-François Pleau knew how to create and share good humor. “He was extremely jovial. He even had acting talents, underlines Me Lepage. He could have made a career of imitator: he imitated everyone he met in the office. We’ve all been there! “

As skilled at reproducing the facial expressions of his colleagues as at imitating their words, he had shared his talents on stage, in his youth at the seminary, then more recently in the group of patrons of the Théâtre Le Trident in Quebec. Each year, amateurs form a troupe led by a professional director. “Jean-François took part for several years,” recalls Me Lepage. He even happened to be chosen by the public as the best actor. “

“His joviality has greatly contributed to the spirit of the firm”, praises Me Lepage, who emphasizes that Me Pleau knew how to combine this quality with great listening. The lawyer knew how to use each of his talents at the right time. “Jean-François contributed to the corporate life of the office in an exemplary way”, greets his friend.

In addition to being a man of spirit, Me Pleau knew how to work with his hands. “He was an extraordinary handyman, who could build a house without difficulty,” admires Me Lepage. In his workshop, there were as many tools as in any Réno-Dépôt. It’s true ! He had six or seven drills, four or five saws… ”Here again, the lawyer did not hesitate to share his DIY skills to help those around him. “He was extremely generous with his time. “

Me Pleau was involved in the fight against poverty and in supporting young people. He was a member of the board of directors of the Chaudière-Appalaches Regional Youth Forum, as well as of the Lauberivière Foundation, which offers a multiservice shelter to the homeless in Quebec. Me Pleau was the secretary of this foundation for 17 years.

On social networks, testimonials follow one another to pay tribute to Me Jean-François Pleau. “I will keep fond memories of a pleasant, brilliant and outgoing colleague,” writes Me. Anne-Marie Naud, partner at Fasken Martineau. “Jean-François was really a gentleman! What a pity! »Regrets for his part Me Micheline Dessureault, associate lawyer at Therrien Couture Joli-Cœur.

“I had the privilege of working with Jean-François at the start of my practice, and he was a colleague and friend. He was passionate about life and all that it had to offer: fishing, motorbike, car, theater, family, work… He loved to laugh and make others laugh. I have fond memories of him ”, testifies Me. Simon Clement, managing lawyer at Lavery in Quebec.

Jean-François Pleau is described as “a husband and a devoted, loving and proud father, whose joy of living will shine eternally in our hearts”, greets the obituary published by his family.

Me Jean-François Pleau is survived by his wife, Marie Dorion, his two sons and his granddaughter.


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